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Your Questions Answered

It’s normal to have questions about orthodontics. There are, after all, many reasons why you may be seeking a treatment plan and many solutions that may get you the results you want. Here, we share the most common questions we get from patients before, during and after treatments.

Each patient will have different needs, the frequency of visits will usually be decided on the first consultation, but is usually once every 8 - 10 weeks. For our patients, we offer visits in our Bartow and Winter Haven clinics or a virtual consultation option via the Dental Monitoring smartphone app. Our goal is to fit orthodontic care into your current lifestyle.

Once you’ve had your braces attached they can feel uncomfortable, but as your mouth adjusts to them the discomfort should begin to fade. Additionally, it’s normal to feel discomfort after a visit where the brackets were tightened. This is because we are “asking” your teeth to move into a new position. However, if you are experiencing persistent pain, stabbing or sores, then you should contact our clinic to speak with our specialists.

Rarely. Technology has come a long way and we are able to use 3D scans, state of the art appliances and our own expertise to straighten your teeth while keeping a balanced facial profile - all with the teeth you currently have.

The length of treatment is specific to each patient’s needs, some treatments can be completed in as little as 8 months and others may take up to 30 months to complete. During your first consultation we will be able to give you a better idea of how long the treatment should take and which option will get you there the fastest.

They are specifically trained to understand and oversee the movement of your teeth. Your orthodontist started out their career as a dentist before specializing in orthodontics for a further 3 years of study. Many dentists will have experience with orthodontic cases, but a Specialist Orthodontist has undergone training to ensure they have a complete and in-depth knowledge of all the treatments available. Dr. Abramowitz has been certified as a Specialist Orthodontist and is skilled in various techniques to make sure you are getting the right care for your smile.

The cost for braces is affordable with EA Smiles! We do everything we can to lower your orthodontics cost. From discounts to flexible financing plans, braces for adults cost the same as braces for teens and kids. Your costs will depend on the length of your treatment plan and the severity of your condition.

We want to make sure you feel comfortable every step of the way. Give us a call or schedule a free consultation. We love questions and will be happy to answer yours.

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Appointments, or reservations, are scheduled according to each patient’s needs. With the advanced techniques we practice, most patients in braces will be seen every 8 to 10 weeks.

No. We prefer to speak with our patients directly. That gives us the chance to say hello and gather necessary information prior to your first visit.

Yes. Once treatment begins, we will explain the complete instructions and provide a comprehensive list of foods to avoid. See our List of Foods to Avoid. You can avoid most emergency visits to repair broken or damaged braces by carefully following these instructions.

Our team makes a sincere effort to schedule convenient reservations for our patients. However, during the school term, after-school reservations may be rotated to equally accommodate each patient. Most patients will miss minimal school for orthodontic treatments. Advance notice of 48 hours is requested to cancel a reservation. There is a minimum charge for missed visits.

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends an orthodontic screening starting at age 7. By this age, several permanent teeth have erupted in most children, allowing us to effectively evaluate their orthodontic condition. Most children will not be ready for treatment at a young age; however, some orthodontic conditions would benefit by an early phase of treatment.

Patients should brush their teeth at least four times each day – after each meal and before going to bed. We show patients how to floss their teeth with braces, and we may provide a prescription for a special fluoride, if necessary.

Invisalign prices are affordable at EA Smiles! We truly do everything we can to offer treatment at a lower cost than the average cost of Invisalign. With a number of discounts available and flexible financing options, our Invisalign prices can suit any budget.

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