Braces Cost

One of the main reasons that people hesitate scheduling an orthodontist appointment is the cost of braces. With an average price range between $4,000 and $7,000, braces can seem much too expensive for many people. There’s no denying that braces are costly, but why is the cost of braces so high? Below are some of the factors that affect the investment in braces.

Intricate Parts

The brackets and wires that make up braces are more complex than they seem upon first glance. Moving teeth requires time and the right amount of pressure from the devices. If the teeth are moved at the wrong pace, it could seriously damage the teeth. The intricate details of the brackets and the expertise of the orthodontist allow the teeth to move at the proper pace. Higher quality orthodontic materials also increase the price, and the quality of appliances used does significantly impact the results of your treatment.

Time in Braces

Teeth should be moved very slowly to maintain their health. Patients may wear their braces for about 1 to 3 years. Some cases are more extreme than others and therefore, each patient’s treatment plan and time needed is custom.  Patient cooperation also plays a large role in the time spent in braces. Braces straighten teeth while rubber bands help correct the bite. Patients who use their rubber bands as instructed by their orthodontist can often times speed up the process. Some patients also require more than braces and rubber bands. Additional devices needed to correct problems are produced by suppliers out-side the orthodontist’s office and often times adds to the time spent in braces.

During treatment, patients will visit the orthodontist’s office once every 1-2 months, sometimes more. During these visits, the orthodontist adjusts the braces and rubber band sequences, and performs any necessary maintenance and adjustments.

Materials and Supplies

The hardware of the braces are not the only materials used during treatment. Various supplies are used at each visit to the orthodontist and equipment must be sterilized after each use. The materials and supplies needed to properly assist patients at each appointment also add up and add to the cost of braces.

Payment Options

It is impossible to know exactly how much braces will cost before being examined by an orthodontist.  Every individual is different. Taking into consideration the cost of braces, many orthodontist offices will help patients set up payment plans to pay for treatment over time. There are also third party health care credit companies that many orthodontist offices accept for payment. If you are able to pay off your balance for your braces in full, many orthodontists are even able to provide you with a deduction of the full fee.

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