Teen wonders about missing orthodontic appointments

Ahhh, it finally happened! A moment to yourself…But then it hits you. Your suspicious amount of free time is actually because you’ve missed your orthodontist appointment

Whether your appointment slipped your mind or you’ve simply overbooked yourself, missing your Invisalign or braces appointment can prolong your treatment length. 

Here’s what you need to know about missing orthodontic appointments.

Why Orthodontic Appointments are Important!

Keeping regular appointments with Dr. A or our other experienced orthodontists is critical to getting your best possible smile results. But you don’t always have to come in for your check-up! We offer virtual appointments to fit your busy lifestyle. Dr. A will simply let you know when an in-office visit is required to adjust your braces or treatment so your smile-in-progress stays on track! No summer 

But how often are orthodontic appointments

While most patients check-in every 8 to 10 weeks, your individual appointment timeframe will depend on your unique smile needs and the treatment you choose! Each appointment will be for our experienced orthodontists to ensure your teeth are moving effectively and adjust your braces or treatment accordingly. 

How often do you get your braces tightened?

We offer traditional metal braces and esthetic ceramic braces! With your personalized braces treatment plan, you may visit us every 8 to 10 weeks to have your braces “tightened”, or adjusted. With Invisalign or SureSmile aligners, there’s no need to worry about missing a braces “tightening” appointment! Just simply pick up your new aligners set at our offices throughout your treatment.

So you missed your orthodontist appointment, what now?

First of all, don’t panic. Nobody is perfect and one missed appointment isn’t going to put your dream smile in jeopardy. But don’t wait too long to call! Your appointments are carefully planned by our certified orthodontists in order to maximize your smile results and minimize your treatment time. That’s why it’s crucial to call our office as soon as you realize you’ve missed your appointment.

Now when you make missing your orthodontic appointment a habit, that’s when your treatment can go South. Not checking in with your orthodontist for months can add 2 to 3 months to your time spent in braces, but can also lead to discomfort. Tooth movement is an art that requires regular monitoring and adjustment by a certified professional. Teeth are unique and sometimes they move in unexpected ways—too fast, too slow, or in an unwelcome direction, putting unnecessary pressure on other teeth. When you miss two or more appointments, our orthodontists won’t be able to spot and correct any unusual blips in your treatment.

Pro Tips for Keeping Your Braces Appointment

Life is full of unexpected surprises and events! Our orthodontic team understands how precarious Florida traffic can be and that family emergencies happen. No matter life’s circumstances, we urge you to give us a call as soon as possible so we can reschedule your appointment. Here’s a few expert tips to help you remember and prioritize your orthodontist appointments:

  • Keep an updated calendar of events (work, special holidays, vacations, and the kids extracurriculars.) 
  • Make your next appointment before you leave our office
  • Choose an appointment time and day that is manageable with your schedule
  • Keep your appointment in your phone calendar with a 48-hour reminder
  • Request an appointment card from our front desk staff 
  • Jot down your appointment info in your personal calendar book

Paper or digital, choose whichever method fits you best! Sticking to your scheduled appointments will help ensure a smooth and successful smile treatment. 

Our orthodontic team will also reach out to you via text with an appointment reminder and confirmation! 

Stay on Track For Your Dream Smile! 

You can ensure your treatment goes by quickly by keeping your scheduled orthodontist visits and reaching out to us as soon as the unexpected happens. 

Every orthodontist appointment is made to ensure you have a successful and comfortable treatment. While our orthodontists will check your smile-in-progress, your appointments also serve as a way for us to check in with how you’re doing! They’re the perfect time to bring up any minor issues you may be having, address any lingering questions, and share your experience so far. 

Please don’t hesitate to ask us any questions either. Our team has the tips, tricks and advice to support you through your journey with braces or Invisalign

If you haven’t begun your journey, but you’re ready to take the first step – request your free consultation with Everything About Smiles Orthodontics in Bartow or Winter Haven today! 

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