colorful braces for children

Everyone has their own unique style and even your braces can reflect that style. The elastic ties used on the braces come in several different colors that you can change every visit, if you want to. Here are some ideas for different color combinations to try out with your braces each season.


Spring is the time of year where things start to bloom again and the weather loses winter’s chill. Pastel colors, like pink, purple, and yellow are popular during this season. You can try out purple and silver, yellow and pink, or green and blue, to name a few.


The hottest time of the year, summer calls for bright colors like bright blue, red, green, and neon colors. With school out for a couple of months and many people going on vacation, summer is a time for celebration and your braces should reflect that. You can try green and hot pink, light blue and silver, or even red and bright blue for a patriotic flair.


The weather is starting to cool off (unless you live in Florida), pumpkins and turkeys are popular decorations, and college football is back on in the fall. Typical fall colors include warm colors like orange, brown, burgundy, and darker yellows. Some fall combinations could be burgundy and a dark yellow, orange and brown, or orange and black for a festive Halloween look. And, you can never go wrong with the colors of your favorite team!


With the weather at its coldest temperatures, it’s no wonder that cool colors like  darker blues and purples are popular winter colors. You can have your braces reflect holiday color combinations like red and green for Christmas, blue and white for Hanukkah, and black, green and red for Kwanzaa. Dark blue and gray or dark blue and purple are some non-holiday choices for your winter look.

Have fun choosing colors for your braces and try coming up with your own color combinations. Also, with WildSmiles there are different bracket shapes to choose from, giving you even more design options for your braces. Check out the WildSmiles designs here!