seasons eating with braces

It starts with Thanksgiving and runs straight through New Years. You may think I’m talking about the holidays, but I’m actually referring to (insert dramatic music here) the season…of eating. Right?! And if you’re wearing braces, one crunchy, chewy bite can lead to an unexpected visit to our office.

We’re not suggesting that you pass on all the goodies, but before you bite into it, be sure to check it against the recommendations below. If it’s on the naughty list, think twice and take extra care before you grab it. Maybe you can cut it into small pieces. Maybe you can dissolve it on your tongue. Maybe you can pass it to Grandma. She loves those!

Naughty List:

    • Anything with nuts
    • Brittles and other crunchy candies
    • Caramels and chews
    • Popcorn treats

Nice List:

    • Chocolates (without nuts)
    • Most baked goodies
    • Turkey & stuffing
    • Most other holiday meal fixins

So put on your stretchy pants, a comfortable shirt and don’t forget the do’s and don’ts of eating with braces. Happy holidays.