Bride smiles down the aisle after adult braces treatment

The year is just getting started and that means wedding season is a few months away. If you’re not getting married in 2018 relax, but if you are it’s time to make a lot of decisions. Of course, there’s the dress and what to wear for the wedding party, the venue, the reception, and don’t forget the photographer. Ah yes, the photographer.

Wedding photos and videos last a lifetime. And the way you feel about your smile can make a huge difference. At EA Smiles we have lots of wedding stories because our patients are like family. Sometimes we’re at the wedding. Other times they send us photos to let us join in the celebration. We can’t help but feel some pride when we see their amazing smile, courtesy of Dr. Abramowitz.

If your smile will be appearing soon in someone’s wedding photos, we’d love to show you how easy (and fast) it can be to feel great about your smile. We offer complimentary initial consultations where you can find out what your braces options are, how long the treatment will take, and more. We’ll even be attending some bridal fairs in the coming days. Hope to see you there.