orthodontics is more than just Straight teeth

Having straight teeth is far more important than most people realize.  Besides having a WOW smile, the simple fact is straight teeth lead to a healthier mouth and a healthier life! A crowded smile may make it more difficult to clean your teeth properly which can cause tooth decay.  The straighter your teeth are, the less susceptible they are to cavities, yellowing, discoloration, and periodontal (gum) disease.  The American Journal of Cardiology presented a study about the correlation between gum disease and coronary artery disease.  People with gum disease are 35% more likely to develop heart conditions.  An unaligned smile can lead to tooth sensitivity to hot and cold foods. Properly correcting your bite may resolve some symptoms of TMJ syndrome, such as headaches and even back, shoulder and neck pain.

If that’s not reason enough for you to improve your smile, straighter teeth are less likely to fracture while doing outdoor activities, playing sports, or in an accident where teeth are susceptible to damage.  Crowded and protruding teeth are more likely to be broken in these instances.

Are you ready to straighten your smile? Our Orthodontic treatments can correct crooked teeth and improper bites.  Braces – which are now smaller and lighter than when we were kids, are the most common form of treatment. After you’ve been fitted, they are usually adjusted every 6-10 weeks, gradually moving your teeth into the proper position. When people have a smile they are proud of, they tend to smile and laugh more because they aren’t afraid to show their teeth.  We want to see you smile.