Keeping Your Smile Beautiful

A retainer is used to maintain the newly achieved position of your teeth after your braces are removed. While some shifting of individual teeth is normal, this will be minimized if the retainers are worn as prescribed. If they are not worn as prescribed, the chance of shifting will only increase. Retainers are only designed to maintain the position of teeth, not re-align shifted teeth.


Your teeth may be sore as you adjust to your new retainers. Wearing them as they are prescribed will help relieve this discomfort. Your teeth naturally shift some as you age; therefore, it is important to continue wearing your retainer for life. To keep your smile looking beautiful for a lifetime, you should wear your retainers every night. If you miss a night and they feel a little tight once you reinsert them, just increase how long you wear them until they are comfortable again.

Retainer Care