Clear braces

A trusted solution that doesn’t draw attention

We use Damon Clear braces and American Orthodontics clear braces brackets to help you achieve a beautiful smile, with a subtle cosmetic appearance! If you prefer a more discreet form of braces than traditional braces, clear braces are a great option for you. With Damon clear braces and clear braces brackets, you can smile confidently during your treatment journey.

What are clear braces brackets?

We provide American Orthodontics Empower® 2 Clear Brackets! The Empower Clear Brackets are self-ligating, meaning they don’t require rubber bands to straighten teeth. These clear braces use a ‘slide’ mechanism to clip the bracket into the archwire. Popular with teens and adults, they’re clear, smaller, more comfortable than traditional metal braces, strong, durable, highly advanced, and aesthetically appealing.

Damon Clear braces: Traditional with a twist

Similar to American Orthodontics Clear Braces Brackets, Damon Clear braces are a highly-effective, clear treatment option that won’t distract from your smile. What’s the difference between Damon braces V]vs traditional braces? We use top-of-the-line ceramic Damon braces technology to provide tieless brackets and archwires that are clinically proven to move teeth quicker than traditional orthodontic solutions. Instead of tightening the brackets at regular intervals, Damon braces are constantly making subtle shifts that match the natural movement of your teeth. This means a much more comfortable experience for you.

Clear braces cost less than you may think. We offer a number of discounts to lower our braces prices.

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Looking for a discreet braces option for yourself or your teen? Clear braces are perfect for adults and teens alike who don’t want the look of metal braces to stand in the way of their smile.

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