Keep your beautiful smile for a lifetime

Ensure that you get to enjoy a lifetime of beautiful smiles with your own custom retainer after braces or Invisalign®. What do retainers do? They keep your teeth from moving back to their original, pre-treatment position. Once your teeth have been moved to the desired position, your retainer serves to keep them there. Wearing your retainer every night when you go to bed will help prevent any shifting after your treatment has been completed. As you begin to use your retainer it may feel odd at first, but before you know it, you’ll forget it’s there!

Care for your retainer

There are different types of retainers, including fixed retainers and removable retainers, and Hawley acrylic retainers and Essix clear retainers. Essix retainers are the most common, as people tend to prefer a more discreet option. Your retainer takes care of your new smile, but you need to take care of your retainer to get the most out of it. Regular cleaning with a toothbrush, toothpaste and warm water will help to keep your retainer in good condition, and keeping the appliance in its case during the day will prevent damage to its shape. If you have a bonded or fixed retainer, a daily floss underneath your retainer will help to keep it fresh and clean.

Join the retainer club

Over time, your retainer will have to be replaced to maintain its effectiveness. With the Retainer Club, you can get a fresh new retainer once, twice, or three times a year!

When you wear your retainer 24/7 toward the beginning of your retention period, your retainer becomes prone to damage caused by wear and tear. Retainers may get lost, misplaced, chewed by your dog, or thrown in the trash by mistake—trust us, it happens a lot.

When you join the Retainer Club, you don’t have to worry about paying full price to replace your retainer every time. You simply pick a subscription plan that works for you and have fresh retainers delivered to your door.

We want you to keep your beautiful results for a lifetime. Ask us about joining the Retainer Club at your next visit!