SureSmile® - a clear alternative

SureSmile® is the most advanced teeth-straightening treatment to date. Using cutting-edge 3D scanning software that is both flexible and accurate, SureSmile® can create a custom treatment plan to straighten your unique smile. Using 3D printed models of your teeth, and precise robotic laser trimming, a set of thin, clear, plastic trays called aligners are designed to guide your teeth into their optimal position.

SureSmile® Clear treatment is as simple as switching to a new aligner tray every few weeks or so as prescribed by your orthodontist. The aligners are easy to remove for eating, brushing, and flossing, and their clear plastic material makes them virtually invisible all throughout treatment. This treatment is a great choice for cases where tissue and bone support are of concern because it is so gentle on your mouth. Because of its extreme accuracy, SureSmile® Clear can even shorten the length of your overall treatment by up to 40%.

How is SureSmile® Clear different from Invisalign®?

One of the most amazing things about SureSmile® software is its ability to flexibly combine treatments. You can enjoy the benefits of the SureSmile® Clear aligners on their own, or couple them with a variety of braces treatments for endless custom treatment options. This means that people who are not a candidate for Invisalign® treatment could still benefit from SureSmile® Clear. In fact, the SureSmile® software accepts files from ALL scanner sources, so it is easy to integrate with patients’ past treatments.

If you have questions about SureSmile® Clear or want to know how you could benefit from this treatment, schedule a free consultation with our friendly team at EA Smiles in Bartow or Winter Haven today.