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Damon Clear Braces

A trusted solution that doesn’t draw attention

The use of clear ceramic braces is much more popular with older teens and adults, due to their subtle cosmetic appearance. If you are trying to achieve your future smile but don’t want to draw too much attention to the process, Damon clear braces are an excellent option to help you stay confident during the process.

Clear braces

Clear braces

Damon Clear Braces: Traditional with a Twist

Braces have been used for many decades to help give patients brilliant smiles to show off when they’re happy, but in the past there have been downfalls. Previously, the clear ceramic brackets have been known to be fragile at times, and the elastic ties can discolor over time. Those are the solutions of yesteryear.

Damon Braces Vs Traditional Braces: EA Smiles uses top-of-the-line ceramic Damon braces technology to provide tieless brackets and archwires that have been clinically proven to move teeth quicker than more traditional orthodontic solutions. Instead of tightening the brackets at regular intervals, Damon braces are constantly making subtle shifts that match the natural movement of your teeth. This means a much more comfortable experience for you. If you're looking for Damon braces near you, hit the button below!

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