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Passive Self Ligation Systems

Advanced Sliding Door technology

One of the main issues with braces has long been the use of elastic and steel ties. These tend to discolor over time and can require more adjustments over the treatment period. However, Damon® and Pitts21 systems both utilize Sliding Door Technology, making elastic ties a thing of the past.

They are both known as passive self ligation, which simply means that the wire that goes across your teeth will pass through the bracket without needing to be manually tightened. This allows for a more comfortable solution that requires fewer adjustments overall.

Passive Self Ligation Systems

Passive Self Ligation Systems

Benefits from Pitts21 braces

At EA Smiles, using the latest technology to aid our already robust knowledge of orthodontic care is paramount. We want to ensure that you’re getting the absolute best result possible, and we’re proud of every brilliant smile we’ve helped create.

Pitts 21 braces are the future of orthodontic care, and we are proud to offer our patients this low-friction Pitts21 orthodontic option. Even better, because it encourages a more natural and comfortable tooth movement throughout the course of your treatment plan. We’ll still have regular check-ups to monitor your progress, but your braces will always be gently encouraging your teeth to move into an ideal position.

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